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How to change Proxy on Firefox browser

Date: 10-04-2017 | Views: 1822

Firstly, you have to know the Proxy of the country that you want to change by searching at these website such as:

For example:

Step 1: You access to, choose “By country”

Step 2: Click to choose the country that you want to change (For ex: Brazil)

Having chosen the country, you will see a list of Proxy in Brazil , choose any one (SSL value must be “True” )

Step 3:  Come back to Firefox browser, click “Tools”à “Options”:

(If you want to “Tools” button appears, right-click on empty area on the top to enter web address. Click on Menu Bar)

Step 4: Afterthat, you choose like this picture belows

Step 5: Click to Manual proxy configuration and enter the proxy that you have just found in and click “OK”

We have just instructed how to change Proxy on Firefox browser. You can be easy to access to sites that are blocked by your country. Meanwhile your personal information is secures on the Internet.