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How to buy ads from google adsense with Visa card LimCard

Date: 02-06-2016 | Views: 2858

Hello, Google AdWords is the online advertising channels quickly bring the website to the search results in the advertising sector. In this topic, I will guide how to use Visa cards LIMCARD to use google adwords service.

Step 1. Register a new account

The websites you visit, If no account, you need to follow the instructions to proceed to complete the steps to register a new website.

Step 2. Add Visa card LIMCARD to your account adwords

The information you add tags include:

+ 16 cards in front of the card number

+ Month/Year of expiry of the card

+ The CVV security number of card 

Step 3. Initiate google adwords campaign

Above are the basic steps to advertise with Google AdWords, you can identify multiple tags to recharge the card, then you can pay the service charge easily.

Refer to the Visa card service identifier LIMCARD

Services Visa card recharge: contact the support department for assistance in LIMCARD.