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Facebook: Visa Limcard


How to add visa LIMcard to facebook ads account

Date: 29-08-2016 | Views: 2504

Facebook is effective advertising channel, It healps connecting community of loyal fans and businesses.

To develop a fanpage, first you need to have a fanpage, it's simple to create one, you just follow the simple steps to publish a new page, the next step is posting content including information such as product descriptions, company introduction, the news revolves around your business field, besides, the image you post needs to be impressive enough to attract the new audience. After posting 30 status and invite your friends to like the new fanpage, it may reaches 300 likes, then you can use facebook ads to get more new fans. Now, LIMCARD will show you how to create an ad campaign, you can create your own ad campaign within 15 mintes

Step 1. Register a visa card

Order facebook visa card here: Facebook Visa Card

Step 2. Add Visa LIMCARD into your facebook ads account


You need to fill in card information:

Enter 16 card number on the front of the Visa LIMCARD

Month/Year of expiration: enter the month and year of the card expiration

CVV2 security number