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Function card Limcard. Why you choose it?

Date: 11-03-2016 | Views: 4840

LIMCARD pleasure to introduce prepaid line with market best price, Visa card LIMCARD successful transactions on most accept Visa payment gateway.

Why choose LIMcard card?

Extremely low distribution charges
Only you have the right VND 40,000 Visa cards with many premium features Vietnam, available at all online payment operations with safe mode highest security. In addition, limited use card LIMcard to 2 years and no annual fee to maintain, you can order a card with an unlimited number, anyone can buy and use the card immediately.

Get the card automatically via email immediately after successful online payment.
Not waiting for the procedures a few days after buying the card on website, you will receive a visa card information via email and can use the card immediately.

Available card denominations - No recharging multiple times.
Serving the needs of advertising through Facebook ads, Adwords, Bing ads ... When ordering new cards you can recharge the card for free. You select the denomination enough to use. When you have a zero balance card can purchase new cards.

The utility of the card LIMcard

Advertising Facebook ads are the biggest advantages of LIMcard card after card add to your account, you can create a new ad campaign without any restrictions. This is a good opportunity to sign up Facebook ads, the ad after creating your account favorable increase reliability and never blocked accounts.
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Manual LIMcard virtual VISA card.
LIMcard card purchases online at the website:
Virtual Card has been activated LIMcard available so you can use immediately.
When a transaction online, you will enter the card information such as 16 card number, CVV2 and month / year expires.

Experience LIMcard card today
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Support Online:
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